Do you perhaps have a link to the mp3 file of "The Boxer"?

- Asked by Anonymous

Just so you know, I am answering only this one message, but I did receive several requests for a download link for that version of the song!

No, I’m sorry to say I don’t have one.  Seeing as the song has not yet been released, I cannot provide an illegal download link. I take copyright very seriously here on Mumford & Sons Blog and, though I am happy to know that you like the song enough to want it in your library, I can’t break the law to put it there.

Perhaps a viable alternative might be a live recording of “The Boxer” that Mumford & Sons performed at The Ryman in Nashville on March 8th. Jerry Douglas joined the boys onstage and it was quite a fantastic performance. Click here to watch the video and click here to download an optimized mp3 of that performance.  I hope this will tide you over until Jerry’s album is released on June 26th, when you can finally purchase the studio version!