Click here to download HQ mp3s of CMT Crossroads: Mumford & Sons and Emmylou Harris ]


CMT Crossroads featured Mumford & Sons and Emmylou Harris in an episode that originally aired on September 27, 2012, and now you can add these tracks from their performance to your collection:

  1. If I Needed You
  2. Interview I
  3. Awake My Soul
  4. Interview II
  5. The Road
  6. Interview III
  7. Angel Band (Excerpt)
  8. Interview IV
  9. The Cave
  10. Interview V
  11. Orphan Girl [audio preview here]
  12. Interview VI
  13. Where Are You Now
  14. Interview VII
  15. The Boxer (orig. Simon & Garfunkel) [audio preview here]

Click the title above to download these tracks now. Please note that if CMT makes this collection available for purchase in the future, this download will be disabled.

Click here to watch the full episode of CMT Crossroads: Mumford & Sons and Emmylou Harris.

Click here for pictures from the performance.



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