Mumford & Sons are featured in the February 2013 issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine and, while you can see photos and read the article here, feature photographer Jay Blakesberg also recorded this behind-the-scenes video of his photoshoot with the band. In his own words:

This is a short video clip from my photo shoot with Mumford and Sons. For the inside spread I wanted pictures of them playing and not so much looking at the camera. They were doing a Special gig that night and needed to learn “Ghost of Tom Joad”. Marcus Mumford asked me for my iPhone so he could find the lyrics and they “rehearsed” this song for about 20 minutes while I shot. I was supposed to only have 10 minutes for this part of the shoot, but they kept playing and I kept shooting…


Click here to visit Jay Blakesberg Photography’s Facebook page, and click here to watch Mumford & Sons perform “The Ghost of Tom Joad” at Mumford & Sons in Monterey: A Salute to Steinbeck on August 24, 2012.


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