Hey! Do you know how I would be able to find Mumford and sons -the first dance- EP, Is it avalibe on itunes? Or could I download it somehow? Thanks so much your, blog is bloody amazing

- Asked by lightafire-aflameinmyheart

Hello! You can actually download that EP here on Mumford & Sons Blog. The First Dance is actually by The Wedding Band, which is a side-project of Mumford & Sons that includes all four band members, as well as the musical talents of Nick Etwell, Callum Lindsay, Jesse Quin, Adam Stockdale, and David WilliamsonClick here to download all four tracks.

For those of you who are new followers to Mumford & Sons Blog, don’t forget to click here to check out all the many Mumford & Sons downloads that are available to you, free of charge. Enjoy!


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