Mumford & Sons join Michael Kiwanuka and Bear’s Den to cover Neil Young’s “Dance, Dance, Dance” during the Gentlemen of the Road takeover of the Avalon Cafe at Glastonbury on 28th June, 2014.

Mumford and Sons joined by Haim for special Glastonbury appearance ]

Both bands appeared on the Gentlemen of the Road stage in the Avalon Cafe


Saturday 28, June 2014
Photo: Jenn Five / NME

Haim joined Mumford and Sons on the Gentlemen of the Road day stage in the Avalon Cafe this afternoon at Glastonbury Festival.

The band took to the stage in the small packed out tent, curated by Mumford and Sons, at 5.45pm, opening with ‘Honey and I’. 

"How the fuck is everyone doing today," shouted bass player Este Haim before the band launched into a singalong version of ‘Forever’. They followed it with ‘The Wire’ and an elongated guitar freak-out before inviting Mumford as Sons onstage to perform a cover of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Dead Flowers’. 

"How was that with a bit of Mumford and Sons for you" Este Haim said before the two bands launched into another Rolling Stones cover - ‘Honky Tonk Blues’. After the song, Marcus Mumford grabbed the mic, telling the crowd "that’s Haim everybody" as they all went offstage. 

Prior to Haim’s appearance, Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett and Ted Dwane of Mumford and Sons appeared on stage for the last song of Michael Kiwanuka’s set in the small Avalon Cafe. 

The three members of the band - who headlined the Pyramid Stage last year - covered Neil Young’s ‘Dance Dance Dance’ with Kiwanuka. They were also joined by members of Bear’s Den and The Staves for the track, which finished with Marcus Mumford high-fiving Kiwanuka before saying “Give it up for Michael Kiwanuka and his amazing band, ladies and gents.”

The appearance of the band members - minus banjo player Winston Marshall - makes for the first performance from the band since they announced their hiatus last year when they finished touring their Grammy Award winning second album ‘Babel’.
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GOTR At Glastonbury 2014: Saturday Stage Announced ]

From the Mumford & Sons Official Website:
Wednesday 25, June 2014


It’s been one whole year since Mumford & Sons headlined Glastonbury Festival, three since they played the Other Stage stage and six since they made their debut appearance. This year they’re taking a break from performing duties, however…

We are very excited to announce that Gentlemen of the Road will still be in attendance at the festival this very weekend, where they’ve curated an eclectic line-up of performers for the intimate Avalon Cafe in the Field of Avalon on Saturday 28th June!

The following have been confirmed to appear, with room for some surprises too…

Bear’s Den
Michael Kiwanuka
Johnny Flynn
Nick Mulvey
King Charles

The stage opens at 11:30am with a set from GOTR friend and comedian Thomas Gray; another friend and comedian Alfie Brown will be compering the whole event. 

If you’re heading to Glastonbury make sure you come on down!

*Please note* this is a Gentlemen of the Road event only and NOT a Mumford & Sons performance.

Live at the Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover in Lewes [Videos] ]

From the Mumford & Sons Official Website:
Friday 6, September 2013


Earlier on in this summer of 2013, Mumford & Sons rounded up some of their favourite bands and headed down to the United Kingdom’s southern town of Lewes to set up camp for a two day celebration of music, community and local life.

Basking in the rays of some truly glorious English sunshine, the Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover in Lewes marked yet another extremely special moment in what, it’s fair to say, has been an almost unbelievable summer.

It was just so. much. fun; with an overwhelming number of ladies, gentlemen and children, nay to mention one magical dragon (aka ‘Piff The…’), in attendance to catch performances by Vampire Weekend, The Vaccines, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit and many more, as well as sample a taste of Lewes life.

Whether you were there or not, we are pleased to say that you can now catch a glimpse of the band’s live performance at the Stopover via this new series of videos.

Much love,
M&S HQ x

Gentlemen of the Road presents… Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - Saturday 6th July ]

From the Mumford & Sons Official Website:
Tuesday 16, April 2013

What are you doing, oh, say… Saturday 6th July? Well, sure hope you’re free.

Because by that time Marcus, Ben, Ted and Winston will be back on home turf in London (post-Calgary-Telluride Summer Stampede) and not only that but it will of course also officially be Summer Time. And well you know how they like to celebrate these things with friends.

By friends we mean you and these friends from the road too, presented by Gentlemen of the Road…

Tickets will then go on general sale on Friday 19th April at 9am

It’s going to be a whole lot of fun. Hope to see you there.

Much love,
M&S HQ x

Mumford & Sons Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Poster and Wallpaper
To learn more about these Stopovers, visit the Gentlemen of the Road website.
Image © Kristoffer Douglas. Click here for high-resolution.
Mumford & Sons Gentlemen of the Road Stopover Poster and Wallpaper

To learn more about these Stopovers, visit the Gentlemen of the Road website.

Image © Kristoffer Douglas. Click here for high-resolution.

Hi! I'm a big fan of your blog, you give so much information, I hope you know it's appreciated! Wondered if you have/knew if there was a download of the Communion Jam cover of Over The Hill done at SXSW? Thank you!

- Asked by sarahsighnomore

Hi, and thank you! I try to be as helpful as I can.

There is a download of that Communion jam session and, as a matter of fact, I’ve already posted it right here.

For anyone who is unaware of what she’s asking about, Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons, Ben Howard and his band, Michael Kiwanuka, The Staves, and Johannes from Bear’s Den covered John Martyn’s “Over The Hill” during this year’s SXSW and shared the video of the jam session. I highly encourage you to not only check out that cover, but to also check out all of those brilliant artists and Communion. You can sign up to receive Communion’s weekly update that always includes free downloads and, really, who doesn’t like free awesome music? Check it out!


Part Five of Mumford & Sons in the 16th June 2012 issue of NME Magazine, featuring Communion Music. Click here for the rest of the article.

Click to zoom and enjoy!

Communion Records artists Michael Kiwanuka, Ben Howard with his band, India and Chris, Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons, The Staves and Johannes from Bear’s Den jam to John Martyn’s “Over The Hill.”  Audio taken from this video, filmed at Cacophony Recorders in Austin, Texas during SXSW 2012.

Click here to download.

Communion Records artists Michael Kiwanuka, Ben Howard with his band, India and Chris, Ben Lovett, The Staves and Johannes from Bear’s Den jam to John Martyn’s “Over The Hill.”  Filmed at Cacophony Recorders in Austin, Texas during SXSW 2012.

This is terrific!  Do yourself a favor and watch, and you can also click here for a photo from the recording session.

Click here to download an mp3 of this performance.

Hey love! I was wondering if you could recommend me some Mumfordlike music that is similar to there sound or bands they are closely related to. I've already fell in love with Laura Marling's stuff as well as Johnny Flynn. Do you specifically have any recommendations? I know Marcus offers some on the site but I'd love to hear some of your findings :) Cheers.

- Asked by icantickaway

Hello there!  I must confess that I’ve put off answering this for a while because I’ve gotten so used to those around me thinking that my taste in music is strange.  But I know all of you have terrific taste in music so I’m not concerned.

Mumford & Sons sound unique to me, so I can’t necessarily suggest any music that is “Mumfordlike” in that sense, but I can simply suggest some of the artists that I like and are currently on heavy rotation in my library; you’ll probably know some of them.  Here they are in no particular order, and I’ve conveniently linked you to a YouTube video for each:

So there you go!  I listen to so much music—I mean a lot of music—so this really is just a sampling.  I hope you find some artists you like!

Interview: Ben Lovett talks about touring the States on behalf of his new label. ]

By Sophie Harris
March 27, 2012

Photograph by Rebecca Miller.

Some highlights from the interview:

You’ll know Ben Lovett as the keys player with Billboard-bothering British folk-rockers Mumford & Sons. But he’s also the cofounder of hip new record label Communion, which began as a live-music showcase in 2006 and has since featured the likes of Gotye and Michael Kiwanuka. Communion’s Austin to Boston tour, with Ben Howard, the Staves and Nathaniel Rateliff, kicked off at SXSW and hits New York this week. We caught up with Lovett by telephone at a pit stop in Fort Worth.

Besides playing with Mumford & Sons at SXSW, you presented two Communion showcases. Is it nice to be offstage for a change?
Yeah, I think so. I get such a rush out of seeing other people doing well. If I can have a hand in those people realizing their ambitions or their dreams, it’s very rewarding. Communion has done different things with different major labels, and we do a couple of things purely independently. But ultimately it’s about giving the artists the ability to do anything. 

What was your mission statement? 
We were fed up of playing shows where you ultimately had to pay to play. You’d turn up and the promoter would be like, “Why haven’t you brought 30 people?” You’d be hassling friends and family to get people to the gig. There’s no platform for an unsigned music scene in the main cities—it’s all hyped acts or showcases behind closed doors. I read about artists that are doing it “the old-fashioned way” and touring, as if that’s a unique thing to do—well, that should just be the way it is.

On a very basic level, what do you actually do at Communion? Are you scouting the talent, making the tea…?
[Laughs] On the current tour, I’m a driver and merch guy. Which is fun. Are you really riding around in campers? I’m looking at them outside: six 1960s VW camper vans. On the highway going through the Midwest, there are all these little camper vans in convoy…it’s amazing. We’re capturing the whole thing and making a feature-length movie about it. Everything that’s happening is just so fresh and it’s very green, and people are actually seeing America and experiencing it for the first time, which is great.

Sounds like an absurdly fun time.
We were struggling to find food yesterday when we were traveling from Austin to Fort Worth, and the only place we could find was a Whataburger—but we didn’t realize it was a drive-through. So the 24 people on the tour formed a physical car out of people, with one of the drivers, Gill Landry from Old Crow Medicine Show, steering this ridiculous car. Everyone just thought it was a good idea at the same time, we didn’t even discuss it. [Laughs] Just, “Oh, let’s be a car then!” 

Click through to read the rest of the interview to learn more about Communion and why Ben wants to move to New York someday.

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