Mumford & Sons’ The Road to Red Rocks DVD Prelistening Sampler
  1. I Will Wait
  2. Lovers’ Eyes
  3. Little Lion Man
  4. Below My Feet
  5. Roll Away Your Stone
  6. Lover of the Light
  7. Thistle and Weeds
  8. Ghosts That We Knew
  9. Awake My Soul
  10. Whispers in the Dark
  11. Dust Bowl Dance
  12. The Cave

Released UK/EU 10th December: Pre-order

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Did you miss Mumford & Sons in Monterey: A Salute to Steinbeck on August 24, 2012? Here’s the event discussion with Marcus Mumford, Ted Dwane, Dr. James Mumford, and John Steinbeck scholar Susan Shillinglaw.

Click here to see all videos from the event.

Watch Mumford & Sons’ entire 2012 Harvest of Art Festival set!

One lovely concert-goer uploaded videos of the band’s full set in Wiesen, Austria on July 6, 2012 for your viewing and listening pleasure! The videos are all of wonderful sound quality. Here’s the set list:

  1. Lovers’ Eyes
  2. Little Lion Man
  3. Winter Winds
  4. White Blank Page
  5. Timshel
  6. Below My Feet
  7. Roll Away Your Stone
  8. Lover of the Light
  9. Thistle and Weeds
  10. Ghosts That We Knew
  11. Awake My Soul
  12. Whispers in the Dark
  13. Dust Bowl Dance
  14. The Cave
  15. And a bonus video of the boys chatting up the crowd in German (already posted on M&S Blog here)

This video of “Lover’s Eyes” is the start of the playlist. Click here to watch the set in its entirety on YouTube. Enjoy!

Now on YouTube: Highlights from Mumford & Sons’ 2012 Hurricane Festival set!

Included in this video are:

  1. Thistle and Weeds
  2. Ghosts That We Knew
  3. Interview with Winston and Ben, Part I
  4. Awake My Soul
  5. Dust Bowl Dance
  6. Interview with Winston and Ben, Part II
  7. Whispers in the Dark (audio post here)
  8. The Cave

Please note that the video is flipped (so no one is actually playing their instruments backwards). If you’d like to watch the original, unflipped video, you must click here.

Click here to download optimized mp3s of these highlights.


Mumford & Sons Hurricane Festival 2012 Master Post: Video and Download!

Now you can watch video of and download mp3s of highlights from Mumford & Sons’ 2012 Hurricane Festival appearance!  Here’s the track list:

  1. Thistle and Weeds
  2. Ghosts That We Knew (listen here)
  3. Interview with Winston and Ben, Part I
  4. Awake My Soul
  5. Dust Bowl Dance
  6. Interview with Winston and Ben, Part II
  7. Whispers in the Dark (listen here)
  8. The Cave

These tracks feature the wonderful Harry Cargill and Chris Maas on guitar and drums.

Click here to watch HD video of these performance highlights (which unfortunately cannot be embedded externally). Mumford & Sons are featured for approximately the first 40 minutes of the video.

Click here to download optimized mp3s of these tracks to add to your own collection.


Hi There, do you have a link for the video of the boys playing Dust Bowl Dance in Italy I think, where Winston knocks the drums over? I need to prove a point to my friend.

- Asked by clumsyasivory

Sure! It actually happened at The Borderline in London on 24th August 2009, and you can watch it in all its hilarious glory right here.

Thanks for the question, and I hope this proves your point!

Mumford & Sons’ Festival Playlist

Here’s something to bring some cheer to your day - Mumford And Sons have cobbled together a nifty little playlist of tracks by the artists they’ve hand-picked to play at their festival-sized Gentleman Of The Road Stopover gigs this summer. And they’ve even compiled us a handy guide to the artists involved, too, giving us their thoughts on the likes of Michael Kiwanuka, The Vaccines, Slow Club and more. Bless ‘em.

To find out more about the band’s two Gentleman Of The Road shows this summer, which take place at Huddersfield’s Greenhead Park and Galway’s Salthill Park on June 2 and 9 respectively, click here. And click the SoundCloud player [above] to start listening to the playlist…

Mumford & Sons at the Haldern Pop Festival 2009 ]


So, I generally try not to say bad words *cough bullshit* what. Anyway, I can’t embed this video but that shouldn’t discourage you from clicking the link and watching Mumford & Sons at the 2009 Haldern Pop Festival performing Dust Bowl Dance while Marcus makes that drum set his bitch. I mean, really. Fuuuuuuuuq. Watch it. Yes, I understand it’s on youtube but this is HD.

If you’d like to watch all the other HD performances from that festival, click here.

Yes, you should absolutely click through and watch this video.


Mumford and Sons doing what they do best during Dustbowl Dance- Going fucking insane. They’re so damn cool.

Idk why it’s so stretched out, the video isn’t bad at all though.  Looks pretty normal…weirddd.

Sharing this because it’s the only video I’ve found of the band performing “Dust Bowl Dance” on March 8th at The Ryman, and you can see Marcus’ drumstick fly into the front row where it hit some guy in the face, bounced off of him, and hit the girl next to him.  Thank you for uploading!

Here’s an oldie but a goodie that some of you may not have seen.  This is a snippet of Mumford & Sons performing “Dust Bowl Dance” at The Borderline in London on August 24, 2009 that involves Winston rocking out so hard that he crashes into and knocks over the drumset in the middle of the song.  Just watch.

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