Will Calderbank, Winston Marshall, Nick Etwell, and Ted Dwane of Mumford & Sons visit Milwaukee’s Dragonfly, a vintage, retro, and modern shop, before their gig at the Marcus Amphitheater on September 3, 2013. While there, Winston picked up a vintage Packer jersey (Wingo 50) that he wore at the concert that night.
Photo courtesy of Dragonfly on Facebook.

Will Calderbank, Winston Marshall, Nick Etwell, and Ted Dwane of Mumford & Sons visit Milwaukee’s Dragonfly, a vintage, retro, and modern shop, before their gig at the Marcus Amphitheater on September 3, 2013. While there, Winston picked up a vintage Packer jersey (Wingo 50) that he wore at the concert that night.

Photo courtesy of Dragonfly on Facebook.

Some words from Ben ahead of Glastonbury ]

From the Mumford & Sons Official Website:
Thursday 27, June 2013

6:30pm - Thursday 27th June 2013.

Sitting in a van, meandering down the A303 as the rain competes with the wipers for windscreen priority, I thought I might share what I’m most excited about this most special weekend that occurs down on Worthy Farm.

I’ve been making plans with friends all the way down, some of whom I haven’t seen for a long time and some people I seem to only ever see at Glastonbury. As if they are there all the time, which I know they’re not, because for 360 days of the year this community of 180,000 people live elsewhere, and the land which we’ll call home for the next few days just lays vacant and quiet.

Tonight our old friend and trumpet player Nick Etwell will be leading his own band, The Filthy Six, through their dancey funkadelic boogaloo tunes somewhere on site as part of the pre-party shows. Also joining in on this, are the brilliant Alt-J, who have made one of my favourite records in years and have been travelling the world promoting it. Last chance we had to see them was in a bar in Sydney, Australia when our schedules coincided for a brief moment and tonight I’m hoping to see them on home soil.

The rain may limit some of the initial exploring tonight, but I’m itching to venture into Shangri La and Lost Vagueness as soon as possible. Most of my favourite memories, especially when the sun goes down, are in those wilder corners of the festival.

Tomorrow (Friday) is going to be when the party starts in earnest. Haim, Half Moon Run, The Vaccines, Arctic Monkeys and Portishead. I’m hoping to catch all of it. The journey across site to The Park Stage for Half Moon Run is going to be the challenge but also the fun. What people who haven’t been to Glastonbury don’t appreciate is how much of a workout this thing is. You literally walk for miles, up and down hills, in wellies. I’m committing to making a bee line for The Park Stage but might take the slower walk back via the Green Fields and some of the new areas where I can maybe discover something.

Saturday. The Rolling Stones. Something about having the opportunity to see this band is so significant it’s almost bigger than Glastonbury itself. I can hardly contain my excitement but I won’t let it take over my whole day. There’s so much other great stuff happening on Saturday! Ben Howard, Deap Vally, Daughter, The Staves, Two Door Cinema Club. At some point I’m going to track down the Bimble Inn, it holds a lot of my favourite memories and is run by some great people who are very proud of their mobile wooden Inn and are incredibly welcoming.

As the sun sets, I will be readying myself for what I imagine is going to be an education in how it’s done by one of our greatest British bands ever. Dear Keith, Mick, Charlie and Ronnie, I apologise for losing my shit for the entirety of your set.

On Sunday I’m thinking of just bailing early and beating the traffic. NOT. Who does that? The Sunday night is always my favourite. I remember Stevie Wonder, Blur, Beyonce… Great gigs. And this year it’s… Us! Ha! Awesome :) there’ll no doubt be some people from the radio and telly to talk to during the day so I’m avoiding reading through the day’s schedule and feeling like I’m missing out. But what I will say is that at the same time as our set, two of my favourite acts in the world are playing - The XX and Phoenix. Wonder bands! And I’m glad I’m not having to choose between them!

After our set, I will make my annual trip up to the stone circle where I hope to kick back, reflect on the weekend and maybe even catch the sunrise…

Much love,
B x

Mumfordandsons.com Blog Update: Galway Official Aftershow Details Announced! ]

From the Mumford & Sons Official Website:

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

With the first Gentlemen of The Road Stopover now gloriously been and gone last Saturday in Huddersfield, we now cannot wait more than ever for this Saturday’s festivities in Galway. Salthill Park is being prepped and readied to be on fine form for the main event but it is with great excitement that we can now announce the aftershow parties.

These are as important, well to us at least, as what’s happening in Salthill Park. We hosted a House Party in Huddersfield which was a lot of fun, and when we were in Galway we spent the day looking at a few different venues. Monroes on Dominick Street jumped out at us as the perfect location to have that party. There’ll be some trad picking downstairs, live sets from the fantastic Little Green Cars and The Danger Is upstairs.

Round the corner at The Kings Head in the Ruby Room upstairs there’ll be comedy - for those who have had their fair share of music throughout the day, and would like something a bit different. Prepare to have your sides split open, or fall off your proverbial chair as the fantastically sharp Alfie Brown dissects popular culture, and the award winning Piff The Magic Dragon masterfully combines comedy and magic.

But it doesn’t stop there!!!!

Oh no, we like choice and we like to offer up choice.

So at Kelly’s hosted by the lovely Olive, there’ll be a night of dancing and swing. Nick Etwell, who you may recognise from playing Trumpet with Mumford & Sons over the past couple of years, has brought over his exceptional band The Filthy Six from London to play their boogaloo/funk/soul/musicyoucannotstandstillto concoction. They are SO good. And there’ll be DJing along the lines of that ilk to carry through the night. In Huddersfield, Marcus and Ben jumped up and played a couple of tunes with them, which may well happen again…

And then there’s the loud, dirty, indie party which will be going down at Roisin Dubh. Again, multiple rooms and a mainstay of the indie musical heritage of Galway. Some of the characters/bands who you saw at Salthill Park earlier in the day will be doing DJ battles until the early hours of the morning.

All of the above are a short walk from each other. And we highly recommend getting involved and enjoying the evening and the vibe of Galway. We’re going to be jumping between each venue and catching as much of the entertainment as we can, all tickets are available ONLINE (see below for links) and will be sold on the DOOR and ON SITE throughout the day on Saturday.

See you all there!

M&S x

Gentlemen of the Road Stopover in Galway - Official Aftershows

Gentlemen of the Road present The Filthy Six
Venue: Kellys Bar - Upstairs
Bridge Street, Galway, Ireland.
Telephone: +353 (0) 91 563804  
Doors: 11.30pm
Age Restrictions: 18+ 
Price: €5


Gentlemen of the Road presents Alfie Brown and Piff The Magic Dragon
Venue:  The Ruby Room - Upstairs At The Kings Head
15 High St  Galway, Co. Galway, Ireland
+353 (0) 91 566630
Doors: 11.30pm
Age Restrictions: 18+ 
Price: €5

Gentlemen of the Road presents Little Green Cars and The Danger Is, as well a a DJ set from members of Mumford & Sons.
Venue:  Monroes Tavern Upstairs
Dominick Street, Galway, County Galway IRELAND
Doors: 11.30pm
Age Restrictions: 18+ 
Price: €10

Mumfordandsons.com Blog Update: Official Huddersfield Aftershow Events Announced - Word From The Band ]

From the Mumford & Sons Official Website:

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So the night does not end in Greenhead Park. Think of the exodus from the park more as half time, as the Stopover gears up for the second half with a few uniquely different and great events in the centre of Huddersfield. We will be running between all of the events, but as is often the case, we’ll probably all end up at The House Party at The Other Rooms… 

We all love a House Party, right? It so happened the idea came to us when we arrived at The Other Rooms, which was in the middle of a refurbishment a couple of weeks ago. The owner has kindly allowed us make The Other Rooms after-party HQ as it were. Nick Etwell, who you may recognise from playing Trumpet with Mumford & Sons over the past couple of years, has brought up his exceptional band The Filthy Six from London to play their boogaloo/funk/soul/musicyoucannotstandstillto concoction in the first room. Downstairs, amongst the stone arches and caves and coves, people can get away from the craziness for a moment, whilst the fantastic Huddersfield natives “The Rag Tags” and M&S touring veteran “Albatross”, will be serenading and rocking out in the back room. It’s hopefully going to cater for every flight of fancy, apart from the hardcore at Tokyo’s and happily amused at Club 122. 

Get tickets in advance HERE or on the door.

Venue: The Other Rooms, 
Queensgate, Huddersfield, HD1 2RD
Doors: Midnight
Age Restrictions: 18+ 
Price: £6

For those who have had their fair share of music throughout the day, and would something a bit different, it is with great pleasure that we have incorporated a Comedy show, with a couple of our favourite emerging comedians travelling to Huddersfield for the event. Kicking off at Midnight at Dominic Woodward, prepare to have your sides split open, or fall off your proverbial chair as the fantastically sharp Alfie Brown dissects popular culture, and the award winning Piff The Magic Dragon masterfully combines comedy and magic.

Get tickets in advance HERE or on the door.

Venue: Bar 122, 120 New Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2UD
Doors: 11.30pm
Age Restrictions: 18+
Price: £5

TOKYOS NIGHTCLUB - DJ set on terrace
Tokyo’s is where the rave is at. Well, more of an indie rave, but it’s going to be loud, and there’ll be dancing, and drinking, and at some point during the night Ben will be dropping in to spin some of his favourite tunes from the “golden year of naughties indie” - 2006 (The Strokes, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys etc). Tokyo’s has multiple rooms, and bars, spread across three floors, the usual night will be going on, but look out for us we’ll be there somewhere.. at some point.

M, T, W & B x

Ps. the Stopover gates open at 3pm and the event is due to finish at 11pm.

"Thumper"  |  The Wedding Band

Mumford & Sons’ collaborative side project, The Wedding Band, released a limited edition 10” Vinyl edition of their EP Volume I/The First Dance. This video features Mumford & Sons singing and playing with their “musical pals” Nick Etwell, Callum Lindsay, Jesse Quin, Adam Stockdale, and David Williamson. Filmed at RAK Studios London. Directed by Fred & Nick. Edited by Adam Claxton of Gypsy and The Wolf.

© 2012 Island Records Group.

An interview with Nick Etwell (trumpet player for Mumford & Sons) about his band, The Filthy Six ]

Here are some excerpts from the interview, conducted by Jody Orsborne:

Nick Etwell is a man of many talents. He can speak Swedish, has a mean sense of style, taught Mumford and Sons’ Ben Lovett to play piano, and is currently celebrating the release of his latest record, The Filthy Six‘s The Fox (out today via Acid Jazz). I had the chance to speak with him before watching a bunch of bearded Scandinavian men throw each other around at the Roundhouse in Camden. Here’s what he had to say…

Jody Orsborne: Tell me about this new record? What sound were you going for?
Nick Etwell: Basically, if I could choose the time period in which to live my life, I’d be living in New York around 1967! I take my inspiration from that era of music, especially the Blue Note recordings at that time, and I just want to create something that can sit happily alongside that. A homage to that style i guess. I wanted to make an album that sounded like those records – ‘Blackjack’ by Donald Byrd, or ‘Midnight Creeper’ by Lou Donaldson – rich, warm sounding, all recorded live onto 2 inch tape. Everyone in the same room playing together. No overdubs.

JO: There’s no overdubbing?
NE: Only hand-claps and vocals. Basically, I wanted it to sound like an old school record. All analogue production, vintage mics, gear, recorded and mixed straight to tape. The perfect combination! it’s going to go out on vinyl too so I wanted it to sound proper. We had 2-3 rehearsals and recorded it over two days with only a couple of takes per song and then mixed it in one sitting. 13 tracks in 16 hours. In, down, and out very quickly. its the way music was recorded back in the old days. They were recording so much music all the time then there was no room for messing around!

JO: No six months in the studio?
NE: No chance! we ran through the tunes, tweaked them, recorded them and went home. done in a matter of days! 

JO: You are about to head off on tour in support of the record release. Where will you be heading?
NE: Starting off at my home town of Derby on Saturday, Newcastle, London for the album launch, Cardiff, Bristol and five dates in Ireland. I can’t wait for Ireland as I’ve only ever been to Dublin and Belfast before and with this trip we’re going out to Limerick, Dundalk and Galway too. We’re playing Communion nights in Belfast, Dublin and Galway. It’s gonna be so much fun being on the road in Ireland…there’s going to be an awful lot of Guinness knocking around…

JO: Speaking of Communion (Ben Lovett from Mumford and Sons label), obviously you do horns for Mumford and Sons, touring with them and have appeared on all of their records. How did you you get hooked up with those guys?
NE: Well, I used to be Ben’s Jazz piano teacher at school.

JO: Was he pretty good?
NE: My star pupil obviously!

JO: When was that?
NE: Over 10 years ago I guess. I taught Ben when he was 13, and I was probably about 24. I would teach him once a week and when you teach someone once a week for six years, you kind of get to know them a little bit. We had a really nice rapport and we basically just hung out once a week. After a couple of years we thought it’d be nice to put a group together for him to play with other musicians, being a piano player can sometimes get a bit boring playing on your own all the time. So, he got a little jazz group together with Marcus [Mumford] on drums and other friends, Luke on Sax and Ed on Bass. I was their coach and I’d get them to play all the things I liked playing; some of the arrangements from The Filthy Six, etc, fun stuff! I would coach them about once a month or so and it was a lot fun. They got to sounding pretty good! Marcus is a great drummer you know. You don’t get to see it much on the Mumford gig but he his. But yeah, we always got on well. A couple of years later, after they’d left school, I kept bumping into Ben on random gigs around London and then the four of them came to see The Filthy Six play at the Jazz Lounge, Glastonbury, while they were there playing their early gigs. I spotted them in the crowd, we found each other after the show and they were like ‘we’ve got a little band together now’ and that’s when I met the other half of what turned out to be Mumford & Sons. Ben gave me a shout about 6 months later and asked if I would play on a record for them, which was The Cave EP. It was probably about three years ago now, yeah, three years ago! I went into the studio and they played me the track and I was like, hey… This is really good! We did a couple of tracks and that was that. A few months later I recorded the album with them and it all just kind of blew up. It’s been fun, really great fun playing with them since.

JO: So you’ve been with them from the beginning. Do you plan to continue playing with them longterm?
NE: Yep, as long as they’ll have me or until we fall out! (laughs).

JO: What about with the horn parts for Mumford? Is it a collaborative process or do one of you just come up with what it’s going to be?
NE: With the first album, they had most of the main lines in mind and I just had to come up with harmonys etc. although I did manage to sneak in the occasional extra line here and there! For the new album the boys had some plans for what they wanted and Dave and I (Mumford’s Trombone) came up with ways of making it work best. It’s quite an organic process really. They have ideas and we’ll be like, cool, or, let’s try it this way. then they either like it or they don’t. There was some quite epic double tracking recorded for the new record too, be interesting to hear how it all comes out…

Click through to read the rest of the interview about The Filthy Six with Nick.  I also encourage you to check out The Filthy Six’s new album because they’re quite good.  Watch a video of them performing “Mozambique” live by clicking here!

"Thumper," The First Dance EP  |  The Wedding Band

The Wedding Band is a collaborative side-project of Mumford & Sons, including the musical talents of Marcus, Ben, Winston, and Ted, Nick Etwell, Callum Lindsay, Jesse Quin, Adam Stockdale, and David Williamson.

If you’ve not listened to their brilliant EP before, click here to download and add it to your collection!

Adelaide Now interviews Marcus Mumford and Ted Dwane of Mumford & Sons on 27 July 2010 prior to their appearance at Splendour in the Grass.

This interview is fantastic.  Topics covered include:

  • Beating the crap out of their instruments.
  • Which band member owns all of Korn’s albums.
  • What type of business Mumford & Sons would be if they weren’t a band.
  • Which Disney movie Marcus would like to see remade, and which actors he’d cast to voice the characters.
  • And a special cameo by trumpet player Nick Etwell, who Marcus calls “The Best Gag-Man in the World.”  Does he live up to that moniker?  Watch to find out!


Mumford & Sons perform new song “Lover of the Light” at Montreal’s Bell Centre on October 27, 2011.

At the start, we’re treated to an introduction of Mr. Ross Holmes (fiddle and guitar), and Captain Nick and the Hornblowers: Nick, Dave, and Ephraim.

This video also features Ben Lovett rocking out and nearly knocking over his keyboard.  Several times.  Awesome.

Click here to download four songs by The Wedding Band ]

The Wedding Band is a collaborative side-project of Mumford & Sons, including the musical talents of Marcus, Ben, Winston, and Ted, Nick Etwell, Callum Lindsay, Jesse Quin, Adam Stockdale, and David Williamson.  They released an EP called The First Dance, and if you click above you can download all four songs:

  1. I Take Your Hand [audio preview here]
  2. She Said Yes [audio preview here]
  3. Susie [audio preview here]
  4. Thumper [audio preview here]

These are all fantastic songs, and if you haven’t heard them or added them to your own collection, I encourage you to do so immediately. Enjoy!

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