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Throwback Thursdays: “England” (orig. The National), VH1 Unplugged (2011)

Mumford & Sons performed this cover during their VH1 Unplugged show in New York City on April 13, 2011. Click here to watch a video of Mumford & Sons performing just this song, and click here to watch their full VH1 Unplugged performance.

Hello! This blog is honestly perfect. I have been looking for a specific interview, and can't seem to find it anywhere! that and the fact that tumblr hasn't been loading certain pages hasn't made me too happy hahah. I was just wondering if you could link me to the interview where Ted is really jet lagged, and is the "most misbehaved he has ever been". Where Marcus asks him how many new songs he'd like to play that night. hopefully this is making sense! Thank you so much!

- Asked by Anonymous

Ah, a classic interview!  To those of my followers who have not yet seen this one, I encourage to to watch (especially if you need a laugh).

Click here for the original video.

Click here for the version viewable outside the US.

Enjoy, and thank you for the question!


VH1 presents Mumford & Sons Unplugged is now available  internationally. Watch them perform Sigh No More, Roll Away Your Stone, White Blank Page, England, and The Cave. Also, a little added treat towards the end. Enjoy!

"Current artist, my favorite is Mumford and Sons. It was so intense, you could hear a pin drop in that room. It was authentic and they talked about their inspirations. But not only that — they nailed it and sounded so incredibly big for a very stripped-down performance."
- VH1 President Tom Calderone listing Mumford & Sons alongside Nirvana and Adele as his favorite VH1 Unplugged artists through the years.

Mumford & Sons at their VH1 Unplugged appearance.  Ted is jetlagged, Marcus is a concerned parent, and Winston is the younger brother who taunts Ted.  Ben just laughs at them all.

i would LOVE to see the jet lagged ted video, but it's "unavailable in my region", whatever that means... is there any way to make it available? :(

- Asked by charlottegreene-deactivated2012

I don’t have the capability of making it available.  HOWEVER, I did locate the Mumford & Sons VH1 Unplugged episode (in which Ted is jetlagged) on, which should be viewable wherever you are.

Click here to try it out, and let me know if it works for you!  Thanks for your question!

Mumford and Sons: VH1 Unplugged Speak Peak, “The Cave”

This fantastic video from the M&S VH1 Unplugged appearance includes both their performance of “The Cave” and the hilarious interview in which poor Ted is so jet-lagged that he has a hard time answering the interviewer’s questions.  Marcus takes things into his own hands and sweet talks answers out of his mate.  Hilarity ensues.

Mumford and Sons on Palladia

It seems Mumford and Sons continue to enflame hearts with their music.  Well said.


The small band from West London performed live on Palladia’s “Unplugged” with all of the raucous yet melancholy, andante yet foot-stomping songs that launched them into the musical-world’s eye in the past couple of years. Their old-time acoustic sound is coupled by their old-fashioned garb of muted-colored jackets or woolen vests, reminiscent of a humble peasantry. No doubt the religious influences that mark their passionate lyrics is reflected in their humility. 

Mumford and Sons is skilled in voicing the inspiration they gain through their religion through music, for they have in a way translated an indescribable emotion into an understandable adaptation. I am not very religious myself but I surely respect such unadulterated passion. Should someone be so moved by their faith as to create a musical transcription, I have all the support in the world for your efforts. Mumford and Sons surely have this inspiration and it is definitely powerful.

It isn’t often that I get goosebumps from music, but when I do I know that it is quite a moving composition. Usually it is the works of Brahms or Bach or Beethoven that move in such a way, powerful in their bowed instruments and their intricate lines of music. But Mumford and Sons influence these goosebumps of mine in a much different way. They speak to a lower-standard of musicality. A music created through a passion and not an assemblage of notes and chordal runs. Surely this is a more genuine expression of pure soul.

My note on Mumford and Sons is going to be limited. I haven’t much to say about a band that is meant to be felt, but I leave with this last point. Mumford and Sons, its band members Marcus Mumford, Country Winston, Ben Lovett, and Ted Dwane, have a message they wish to deliver and an emotion they want to instill and they produce an encompassing voice to such an indescribable phenomenon. For that, I find great inspiration. It’s been a pleasure.

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