will we be able to find marcus' radio thing somewhere on the internet? i missed it and i'm super upset. :((

- Asked by Anonymous

Fear not! The entire Communion Presents show will be posted on XFM’s website tomorrow morning. Maz said he’d tweet a link to it once it’s up, so you can either follow him on twitter or I will be sure to post the link for you here on Mumford & Sons Blog.

In the meantime, you can enjoy this hilarious photo of Marcus and Maz from the show.

I hope this helps. Cheers!

A couple of weeks ago you posted you were going to post a download for concerts such as Lollopalooza. I would love to download such concerts. Any help will be much helpful

- Asked by Anonymous

Hello and thank you for the question! You are correct, I did post that. You should keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks for those downloads, as well as a surprise or two.

As a matter of fact, I have special little something along those lines that I will post in just a short while…

Gif courtesy of booshbaby.

Hi. I'm sorry I don't have a tumblr, but thought you might want to share this with other fans. The Gentlemen of the Road website has added a lot of really cool merchandise. I'm sure it is stuff that was available at the stopovers, but if you didn't make it to one of them this is your chance to spend a bunch of money. The website was having issues earlier, but that seems to be fixed now.

- Asked by Anonymous

Are you going to record the stream tomorrow and post it? I'm going to miss it because I'll be at work and I would really love to hear it later.

- Asked by Anonymous

Hello! For those of you who missed it, Mumford & Sons’ last show on their Full English Tour in Bonner Springs, Kansas, will be streamed live online on Friday, September 20th. Broadcast details here.

As it happens, I cannot record this particular concert because I will actually be there in person. If any of you do record the live stream, please be sure to submit it to Mumford & Sons Blog so that as many people will have access to it as possible. You will, of course, be credited for your submission!

I will do my best to provide you with a recording. To those of you who will be listening online or live in person, enjoy the show!

Hello! So I will be attending a stopover in about a week and I have never been to a concert quite like this. I was just wondering if you have any tips? Also how do I get as close to the stage as possible?? Love the blog!!

- Asked by Anonymous

Hello, and thank you! Several people have asked for tips about going to the Stopovers and how to get close to the stage, so I thought I’d put in my two cents.

  1. Decide if you really want to spend all day camped out in front of the stage. The whole purpose of the GOTR Stopovers is to get out into the towns and experience everything they have to offer. So if you want to get the most out of your Stopover, that is what you should do.
  2. Try to go into the shops and talk to some of the locals. They most likely will have worked hard to transform their town, shops, streets, and restaurants into mustachioed hubs for all of you lovely visitors, so be sure to patronize them and tell them thank you for their generosity. Remember, you’re technically representing Mumford & Sons, so be a “gentleman” (or a “lady” as the case may be).
  3. Try to get all the stamps in your Passport. There may be a reward if you do.
  4. Make new friends—particularly if you are camping. You’ll be there for a few days and, aside from meeting some pretty rad people, you may need their sunscreen, they might need to borrow your hat, or whatever. Again, be a gentleman or a lady.
  5. Don’t get too drunk. I know, I know. Enjoy the local drink, but don’t go so crazy that you either can’t remember the experience (what’s the point of that?) or that you’re carted away in an ambulance. Just be safe, my friends.
  6. If you decide to go for it and try to be close to the stage, you’ll need to arrive at the festival gate a couple of hours or so before it opens to get in line. Once they start letting people in, run like the wind to get to the front of the stage walk calmly into the festival grounds and find a spot and watch out for the dedicated fans who are flying past you to claim their place at the barrier. If you don’t want to stand all day long, you might consider bringing a small blanket or towel to either sit on, or to at least delineate your spot. As the day wears on, be prepared for sneaky people to try to squeeze in front of you. They may be rude or trashed, so be careful in dealing with them. This is one of those times when the friends you make at the Stopover may come in handy, as they can help you keep the sneaky ones at bay.



The heat will be no joke, so if you take only one thing I’ve said to heart, please let it be this bit. Drink more water/Gatorade than you think you need. If you’re physically thirsty, a cold beer is not the way to go. That is how you end up in an ambulance being treated for dehydration after baking in the sun for hours, and then you won’t be able to enjoy the town and the fantastic bands. STAY HYDRATED.

Finally, have a grand time!

Hi, First - thanks so much for this blog. I'm literally in heaven! I can't seem to get the Toad Session's to download. Of particular importance, I would love to download "Dance, Dance, Dance" any help is greatly appreciated!

- Asked by Anonymous

Hello, and thank you!

I have just updated the download link for both Mumford & Sons’ 2010 Toad Session, as well as their NPR World Cafe session from 2012. Click through to download them now. I hope this helps.

As I am currently in the middle of the slow and tedious process of rebuilding the Download Finder here on M&S Blog, please let me know if there is a specific download you’d like to have but can’t access.


I have been searching the video from the first perfomance of "Lover's Eyes", in the time called "Untitled". This video was in the cbs radio website and was the best perfomance of "Lover's Eyes" that i ever seen. It's so emocional, with Marcus crying. Have you seen this video?

- Asked by Anonymous

Hello, and thank you for the question. You can watch the first-ever performance of Mumford & Sons’ then-untitled track “Lovers’ Eyes” right here (and check out the audio post with downloadable mp3 here!). This was recorded at the 2011 KROQ GRAMMY Pre-Party at the Clive Davis Theater the night before Mumford & Sons took the GRAMMY stage by storm with Bob Dylan and The Avett Brothers. You can watch that performance here.


Where are the boys today? wasn't there a Splendour in the Grass performance today?

- Asked by Anonymous

Hello! Yes, Mumford & Sons played at Splendour in the Grass last night, 26th July—or tonight, depending upon where you are in the world. In any case, they already performed at Splendour and you can find all coverage of that performance on Mumford & Sons Blog right here—including an upcoming announcement of a performance highlights video stream, so stay tuned!

Is it true that Marcus's new tattoo says 'Godspeed'?

- Asked by Anonymous

It would appear so, according to this photographic evidence and this fan’s concert review.

In related news, you may want to check out this Mumford & Sons tour diary from the Scottish Highlands, handwritten by Marcus, from 2011. Read all the way to the end…

Thank you for the question! Cheers—or should I say Godspeed?

Hi, I work at Xfm and the station has organised an intimate (400 people) Mumford and Sons gig next Thursday 18th July at The Garage in London. Xfm is auctioning the LAST PAIR of tickets on eBay currently (ends on Tuesday). These tickets also come with priority entry, VIP drinks and the chance to watch the sound checks. We were hoping you might be interested in posting about the event? Emily Pearson

- Asked by Anonymous

Hello Emily! I would certainly be interested in posting about the event. Thank you for submitting this information and I will post the event details momentarily in a rebloggable post that will guarantee the widest reach. Cheers!

There's a gif I've seen of Mumford singing the enemy, can you link the video to me please? I can't find it anywhere! Thanks!!

- Asked by Anonymous

Hello! There is actually not a video in existence of Mumford & Sons performing “The Enemy,” but some very talented gif-makers often place lyrics from the track over videos from other performances.

If this is the gif you’re talking about, it is actually taken from this video of Mumford & Sons and Elvis Costello performing “The Ghost of Tom Joad” for ONE’s agit8 music project.

I hope this helps. Cheers!

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