Ted Dwane and Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons talked with Vanessa Spanbauer of Austria’s music magazine Enemy while in Vienna on 7th March, 2013. Here’s a translated excerpt from the interview:

Rumor has it that you want to rap on your next album. Is this true and what can we expect? 
Ben: I can now start a rumor. Want to hear an exclusive rap? (Laughs) Nah, I’m not ready for that! Ted: That is a quote out of context. (Laughs) It was more sarcasm that someone has not understood. Ben: We actually have no idea how the next album will sound. It could be anything. So, theoretically, it could even be rap. It could also be a spoken album. Ted: Or a picture! (Laughs) Ben: Or complete silence! (Laughs) You just have to wait. Speculation is currently dangerous because we focus only on our concerts.

Your last video for “Lover Of The Light” is brilliant. Could it be because you’re not in it? 
Ben:   Yes, exactly! (Laughs) Thank you! Ted: That is what we have realized. (Laughs) Ben: Just stay out of the video. (Laughs) Ted: What we have now learned there definitely helped. I think from now on, even I am in the videos. We have just finished the next one [“Whispers in the Dark”] and I’m very happy with it. I think we are now in a new era of our music videos.
Click here to read the full interview in German.
Click here to read an English translation of the interview by abermals.
Photos © Anna Obermeier.

Watch Mumford & Sons’ entire 2012 Harvest of Art Festival set!

One lovely concert-goer uploaded videos of the band’s full set in Wiesen, Austria on July 6, 2012 for your viewing and listening pleasure! The videos are all of wonderful sound quality. Here’s the set list:

  1. Lovers’ Eyes
  2. Little Lion Man
  3. Winter Winds
  4. White Blank Page
  5. Timshel
  6. Below My Feet
  7. Roll Away Your Stone
  8. Lover of the Light
  9. Thistle and Weeds
  10. Ghosts That We Knew
  11. Awake My Soul
  12. Whispers in the Dark
  13. Dust Bowl Dance
  14. The Cave
  15. And a bonus video of the boys chatting up the crowd in German (already posted on M&S Blog here)

This video of “Lover’s Eyes” is the start of the playlist. Click here to watch the set in its entirety on YouTube. Enjoy!

Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons chats to the crowd in German at Harvest of Art Festival in Wiesen, Austria on July 6, 2012.

Here’s a rough translation:

Today is not Ted’s birthday…
BUT, I’ve lost my jean jacket. BUT, Ted found my jean jacket!
Very nice. Very good. Yeah. 

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