Hey, I'm looking for an interview with Winston when he speaks French.. not at Osheaga, but on a radio.. Can you help me?

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Hey, there! Yes, click here to listen to PureFM La Radio interview Winston Marshall and Ben Lovett of Mumford & Sons while the band were in Belgium for Rock Werchter on 30th June 2012. Most of the interview is in French, but a translation is provided for those who don’t speak it.

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Marcus Mumford on the Coen Brothers’ “Inside Llewyn Davis”


Click here for more highlights from this interview with Mumford & Sons at 89.3 The Current in St. Paul, Minnesota, including photos, video of the band performing “Reminder,” and a link to the full hour-long interview.

"I had breakfast with T Bone [Burnett] in L.A. and we’d met at the GRAMMYs the year before and I made it quite clear to him that he was my hero and, uh, and we had an agreement that if we were ever involved in anything that the other wanted to be involved in as well that we would hit each other up. I heard about this movie, so I said, ‘Can I come make your tea?’"
- Marcus Mumford on his role as Associate Music Producer in the Coen Brothers film, Inside Llewyn Davis. [via]
Mumford & Sons’ Marcus Mumford, Justin Timberlake Help Struggling Musician Inside Llewyn Davis

Two of the biggest names in music this decade, Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons and Justin Timberlake, talk about working on and in the movie Inside Llewyn Davis, the new film by the Coen Brothers released December 6, 2013.

Ben Lovett and Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons discuss their second Lollapalooza performance and why they think Lolla is the biggest and best “city” festival in this interview from August 3, 2013 in Chicago. Watch out for the photobomb…


The first time we wrote a song together as Mumford & Sons…we sat down in a room and I’d written some lyrics and some chords and we played them together and suddenly I realised the sound we were making was unique to the four of us.

It wasn’t scrapping together session musicians, because we’d all been playing with lots of different people and sessions, but actually the creativity that suddenly burst out of that room convinced us that we were a band.

It wasn’t one person with a bunch of session musicians but four guys who loved each other and wanted to play together.

- Marcus Mumford on the formation of Mumford & Sons, via the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ed Helms Reveals The Overlap Between The Mumford And Sons Music Video And Schrute Farms ]

Excerpted from BuzzFeed:
Monday 30, September 2013
By BuzzFeed staff Lauren Yapalater

BuzzFeed: The Mumford & Sons music video was a huge sensation and pretty brilliant. How did it come about for you?

Ed Helms: Well, the director, Sam Jones, he’s one of the great photographers of our day — he has worked with everybody. He shot all The Hangover movie posters and photos. He’s shot stuff for Bateman and Sudeikis and Forte, so he knew all of us really well, I’ve known him for years. He’s also a music video director and has won MTV Video [Music] Awards for various videos — he’s just a great artist, photographer, filmmaker. So he was doing a photo shoot with Mumford & Sons and asked them if he could do their next video. They said, “Sure, but we’re on the road all the time, so there’s no way to really do it,” and he said, “That’s OK, my idea didn’t even include any of you.” And I guess he pitched it to them and they liked it. And then he called all of us personally and said, “You guys wanna do this thing?!” And it was a no-brainer because Sam’s awesome, Mumford & Sons is awesome, and these were some of my favorite comedians that I’ve known for years and that I like to work with. So we all showed up…and we spent a day shooting and goofing around.

BuzzFeed: Was it just nonstop laughter the whole day?

EH: Totally, it was just nonstop joy. And paddling out in the little rowboat and into a pond and pantomiming really melodramatic music is just fun.

BuzzFeed: Did anyone fall in?

EH: Nope, nope. Perfectly safe! And you know what, here’s something: We actually filmed the video on the same farm where we shot all of the Schrute Farms episode of The Office. And there’s a close-up shot of a banjo, where you only see a hand playing the banjo, and that’s a close-up shot of Winston’s hand from Mumford & Sons. He was in town for some reason and came by the set.

BuzzFeed: So did you hear from them after? And what did they say?

EH: Yeah, they were so thrilled with it, and I think it’s credit to them because they get so much flack for being intense and melodramatic, but they have such a great sense of humor about themselves and about the genre they are a part of — which is awesome, and I love them. I think they are an amazing band.
Read the interview in its entirety on BuzzFeed.

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