Big Easy Express Documentary Announcement:


The concert tour documentary featuring Mumford & Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show, Edward Sharp and The Magnetic Zeros, 6 cities, 1 train, and thousands of miles of track will be available for purchase in the next couple of weeks. The lovely folks over at The Big Easy Express informed me that the official announcement for sale will take place on their Big Easy Express facebook page. So head on over there, push like, and sit tight. Get ready to relive the 2011 Railroad Revival Tour!!

Are the boys playing at SXSW or just showing the tour film? And does anyone out there in Mumford world know if we can watch any of it live from SXSW I know some things they have up for interactive viewing?

- Asked by reducebadthoughts

Hello!  In short:

  • Yes, the boys are playing at SXSW with Old Crow Medicine Show and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros immediately after the second screening of Big Easy Express on Saturday, March 17th.
  • The screening and concert are free, but you have to RSVP for tickets while they last.
  • The concert will be live-streamed for those who cannot attend.

For further details about the concert, the second screening of Big Easy Express, where to RSVP, and where and when the live-stream will be, click here!

Thanks for the question, and please let me know if I can help with anything else.

M&S Fan Experience: My first time meeting Mumford & Sons!

Submitted by lovemeandmend:

I met Mumford & Sons at the Marfa, Texas stop of the Railroad Revival Tour back in April 2011. All so sweet and friendly, and it was the best night of my life! :) Also, if you want to read about my experience, you can check out this post:

Thank you for sharing!  And let me encourage my followers to check out the link she’s included because it’s a fantastic story about both the Railroad Revival Tour concert and meeting the Mumfords. Blog Update: BIG EASY EXPRESS: SXSW SCREENING PT II (+ LIVESTREAM) ]

From the Mumford & Sons Official Website:

March 7, 2012

News just in… To celebrate the film of the Railroad Revival Tour ‘Big Easy Express’ we are very pleased to confirm details of a second screening in Austin from 8pm on Saturday 17th March, following the film’s official SXSW premiere earlier in the day.

Mumford & Sons, along with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and a few members from Old Crow Medicine, will all be there at the Austin High School Athletic Field, where the screening will take place.

Instruments will be in tow for a little live music following the film too - as a thanks to Austin High School for the temporary loan of the football field, the local community for allowing, nay, actively supporting such events and to all of the peoplez out there who have supported the film. 

To apply for free tickets you need to go to and RSVP,  then keep your fingers and toes crossed for an email confirmation.

If you do not live in close proximity to Austin, well. A live stream of the concert will be broadcast through from 9:15pm CST on the day and an HD version will be available to view through the following day. Not bad, this internet thing.

Find out more about the film over here on Facebook.



SXSW Film Special Music Performances - BIG EASY EXPRESS Rides Again, Plus Big Star Event ]

We’re pleased to announce two very special musical performances, in conjunction with films premiering at SXSW 2012.

At the Closing Night world premiere of BIG EASY EXPRESS, members of Mumford & SonsEdward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and Old Crow Medicine Show will join director Emmett Malloy and producers Tim LynchMike Luba and Bryan Ling for a Q&A, following which they will perform an exclusive acoustic set. The film and performance, take place Saturday, March 17 at the Paramount. The screening will begin at 4:00pm, followed by the Q&A at 5:15pm, with the performance from 5:30pm – 6:15pm, open to SXSW Film, Music, Gold and Platinum Badges, SXSW Film Passes, and Music Wristbands.

Don’t have those? No problem - a limited number of advance single tickets are available for $12 ($10 + $2 service fee) via the Paramount website, and as capacity allows, day-of-show single tickets may be purchased for $10 at the Paramount Theatre box office approximately 15 minutes prior to the screening.

Click through to read more, and click here to secure single tickets to the event while they’re still available!

EDIT - Single tickets to the event have already sold out.  If you’re still interested in going, remember that there will be $10 tickets available at the venue box office (as capacity allows) 15 minutes prior to the screening.

Mumford’s Railroad Revival

The band boarded the Big Easy Express for a US tour with a difference

27/02/2012  |  Sinead Garvan 

In April last year Mumford and Sons teamed up with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Nashville’s Old Crow Medicine Show to undertake a remarkable train journey. The bands boarded a vintage train - which they had to themselves - and journeyed from San Francisco to New Orleans, stopping along the way to play gigs in places like San Pedro, California and Texas. 

It was all captured on film and turned into a documentary called Big Easy Express which gets its world premiere at SXSW festival on March the 17th. The trailer is online at the moment and it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

BBC Radio 6 caught up with Ted Dwane from Mumford and Sons to ask him all about it in this interview.

2011 Railroad Revival Tour documentary "Big Easy Express" set to premiere at SXSW ]


3 bands, 6 cities, 1 train, and thousands of miles of track…BIG EASY EXPRESS captures a musical journey. Harkening back to the days of jubilant railroad revivals, three bands set out in April 2011 to tour America by vintage train. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Mumford & Sons climbed aboard amid the rail yards of Oakland and set out for New Orleans on a “tour of dreams.” BIG EASY EXPRESS documents the bands’ railway adventures; the high canyons, joyous crowds, blasted skies, late-night laughter, endless music…and a train that was bound for glory.

do you know when the band will pay in LA or anywhere near there? ( :

- Asked by gypsyy-doll

Hello!  Mumford & Sons have not yet announced any tour dates, but as soon as I get official confirmation of upcoming performances, I will post them here for you!  The same goes for these questions:

If you’re interested in the 2012 Railroad Revival Tour, check out their website, Facebook, and twitter for the most up-to-date information.  If you’d like more information on Bonnaroo 2012, check out their website, Facebook, and twitter.  Once the lineups for those events are announced, I will share them here if Mumford & Sons are slated to appear.

Since I’m already answering questions:

I am aware that several potential release dates have been published in various magazines (such as May 2012 or “late 2012”), but until Mumford & Sons make an official release date announcement, I do not have an answer to this question.  However, if you’re looking for new M&S songs to tide you over until that announcement comes, check out the Song Finder on my blog!

I hope this helps.  Please let me know if you have any other questions!


EDIT - It now appears that Mumford & Sons will be playing a different festival the same weekend as Bonnaroo 2012.

This might sound like a weird question, but do you have any good pics of Ben playing the ukulele?

- Asked by Anonymous

I didn’t forget about you, Anon.  I was waiting until I had a proper photo for you and now I do!  Click here to see Ben playing ukulele on the Railroad Revival Tour.

I hope this is what you’re looking for!  Let me know if you have any other questions.

EDIT - I knew I had another photo, but it took me a while to find it.  Click here for a shot of Ben playing ukulele during the RRT 2011 concert in Marfa, Texas…  Here’s a bonus: he’s also balancing a camera on his head!  Enjoy!

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