This Live From The Artists Den Performance Will Make You Obsessed With Mumford & Sons ]

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
By  (@fdot415)

We  fell for Mumford & Sons back in 2010 when they were West London folk scene-ers making a play for the U.S. we thought You Oughta Know. Sophomore LP Babel soon followed, giving them Grammy wins. So we flipped out when after three years of avid fandemonium, health scares and brilliant Unplugged performances, Mumford announced their “indefinite” [break].

But we have the cure for your sads that Mumford won’t appear on this years festival lineups. Palladia is airing their full Live From The Artists Den concert tonight at 9/8C. We’ve got a sneak of the washboard playing quartet rocking their hit “I Will Wait” to the Belasco Theater crowd in downtown Los Angeles.  But before you press play, here are five things to watch for in the clip that will either make you an instant fan or further your obsession before the full show airs.

1. Marcus Mumford’s Lip Fuzz

2. Winston Marshall’s “I’m So Into It” Banjo Body Roll

3. This Really Intense Stare

4. Enthusiastic Impromptu Tambourine Pantomiming

5. Ted Dwane Walks, Plays String Bass, Sings And (Probably) Chews Gum At The Same Time

Missed the Palladia debut of Mumford’s Live From The Artists Den? Check out the full show [here] and check your local listings for future air dates on Palladia.

A little while back, I think you may have gotten an ask saying that there was the funniest interview done by the boys on pinkpop or something. It was kind of silly questions and at the start of the interview each member did a mug shot. I'm terrible at describing things. Would you happen to have a link to that interview?

- Asked by Anonymous

Hello! I know the exact interview you’re looking for. It is actually from 2010 and is generally regarded as one of the best interviews the band have ever done. Click here to watch Mumford & Sons on VH1 Rap Sheet.

Thank you for the question, and enjoy!


VH1 presents Mumford & Sons Unplugged is now available  internationally. Watch them perform Sigh No More, Roll Away Your Stone, White Blank Page, England, and The Cave. Also, a little added treat towards the end. Enjoy!

Don't sell yourself short, it totally is the best blog! :) Also, do you happen to know of any international version of the VH1 News: Backstage and Behind the Scenes with Mumford & Sons at Lollapalooza video?

- Asked by Anonymous

Well, thank you.  But I maintain that the other M&S Blogs are wonderful and I in no way think that my little blog is better than anyone else’s.  We’re like a little M&S blog family around here!

As far as the VH1 video is concerned, try this one that’s been uploaded to YouTube.  Let me know if it doesn’t work for you, alright?  Thanks for the question! :)

VH1 News: Backstage and Behind the Scenes with Mumford & Sons at Lollapalooza

The four guys from Mumford & Sons showed VH1 what it’s like to play at Lollapalooza.  Watch as they write their setlist, do some vocal warm-ups, and then take the stage!

Click here for the version that’s viewable internationally.

This video is also the source of this sweet gif:

"Current artist, my favorite is Mumford and Sons. It was so intense, you could hear a pin drop in that room. It was authentic and they talked about their inspirations. But not only that — they nailed it and sounded so incredibly big for a very stripped-down performance."
- VH1 President Tom Calderone listing Mumford & Sons alongside Nirvana and Adele as his favorite VH1 Unplugged artists through the years.
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